Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Cog; Defined

a cog defined: a cog engages with another cog and the motion in one will result in motion of the other. Gearwheels that engage with chains are sprockets, not cogs.

So my friend, you say you are a cog, a small insignificant cog?  I know you are more than this. I have seen what you can do.

As your world turns, it engages with countless others. You are energy transferred.
Cogs drive all machines; those of war and those of peace.

But do not forget your talents and do not doubt who you are. Mathematically speaking, you are 1/7 Billionth of the machine of man; 1/319,404,381st of the machine of your nation; 1/2000th the machine of your community and 1/3rd of the machine of your home.....and you are significant.

In a watch, it is the smallest of cogs that moves the hours. Without it, time stands still.
Keep your teeth sharp and your action quick and you will move the world.

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